What is a website? How is it done? In this article, where we will provide you with detailed information on issues such as, you can reach the information you want in website construction. It is possible to qualify websites as the face of individuals or businesses opening to the world. Today, there are many websites and each has different features. It would also be correct to say that each serves a different purpose. It is even possible to categorize websites according to their purpose.


What is a Website?

   Digital platforms where people or businesses deliver their products or services to users anywhere in the world are called web sites. It is also possible to see websites as an advertising face. It is a very effective method of reaching users in its products or services. Of course, it must be said that there are websites with different features and functions. Now let’s take a closer look at the types of websites.

What are Website Types?

It is possible to examine the websites in two different groups as dynamic and static in terms of software, design and programming. Accordingly, the website types appear as follows;

  • Online sales sites
  • News sites
  • Game sites
  • Promotion sites
  • Blog sites
  • Corporate websites
  • Personal websites
  • Sharing sites
  • Forum sites

What Does a Website Do?

   Websites have different functions according to the category they are in. Digital platforms, which are generally effective in reaching the end users of products or services, have reached a very important point especially with the development of mobile web pages in recent years. While some websites offer effective solutions for gaining customers, others have an effective position in reaching more than one marker. For example, it is possible to sell products to many customers at the same time with online shopping sites. Or by placing a house or car on more people in real estate or advertising sites, the advertisement can be delivered to a wider audience. So, what are the important conditions to consider when making a website? Let’s look at these.

  • The purpose of the websites is always to meet the needs of the company or related brand.
  • The products and services on the web pages should be completely in line with the idea of ​​the target audience.
  • After determining the target audience, it would be appropriate to make a suitable web design.
  • The concept of the website must be changeable. In this way, it can keep up with the changing conditions of the time and leave the desired effect at any time.
  • Corporate design on the websites leaves significant impacts on the visitors and it is necessary to meet the users with a suitable design.

How to Make a Website?

   In the construction of the website, some criteria must first be determined. In this way, it is possible to reach the desired goal on the websites to be made and to get more effective results. While making a website, one of the conditions is to determine the target audience and to develop a suitable web design. In addition, it would be right to choose a catchy domain name home web interface according to the product or service to be given. It is also important that it is easy to navigate within the site and the website is generally easy to use. In addition to these, it is important for the website to be opened quickly and at the same time to be loaded quickly on the bottom pages in order to keep the visitors satisfied with the website. So, how to make a website according to them and what should be considered? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Domain selection and purchase
  • Hosting service
  • Website design
  • Visual contents
  • Management panel construction
  • Publishing the website

   General headlines to make a website appear as above. First, a domain name is determined and then this domain name needs to be purchased. Then, the hosting service must be purchased and a web design suitable for the content must be made. Another important issue appears as visual or written content. In addition, a professional and useful method panel is also a must for websites. Now, let’s take a closer look at these issues that need attention when making websites.

Domain Selection and Purchase

   One of the first and most important steps in website construction is domain selection. Also known as a domain name, domain is the name of a website. The domain name should always relate to the site content, so domain names that do not reflect the functionality of the website should not be used. The most important reason for this is to make it easier to rank high in search engines. If the content of the site is quite unrelated to the domain name, it can be difficult to get higher in search engines.

   On the other hand, after the domain name is selected, we also come across a purchase process. Because the desired domain name may not always be idle and therefore cannot be purchased. For this, it is possible to check the sites that sell domain names and determine the domain name accordingly.

Hosting Service

   The second stage in website construction is hosting service. After the domain name is selected and purchased, a server that will host the domain name must be purchased in order to establish the website. For this reason, it is correct to shop from a reliable company during the hosting service. In addition, it should be learned exactly in which countries the hosting company provides service and where exactly its servers are located.

Website design

   Another important issue in website construction is the design phase. The more successful the design of a website, the more important it has on visitors. Of course, it is necessary to know some programming languages ​​when creating website design. In this way, the desired results can be achieved more easily. Among these coding languages;

  • HTML
  • CSS3
  • Javascript

Shown. In addition, the fact that the design is mobile compatible is also in an important position in terms of SEO. Users should also be able to access your website from mobile platforms. This will both increase the number of visitors and allow you to rank high in search engines.

Visual contents

   The website contains written and visual content. However, it would be correct to say that visual content is more prominent. Therefore, the content on the website should be supported by photographs or images. The same is true for visual content, just how important it is for a website to be authentic.

Management panel construction

   It would be wrong to ignore the administration panel while making a website. Therefore, it is useful to use the PHP programming language when making the administration panel. Because the most effective and frequently used software language in terms of security is PHP. Management panels created with PHP are always protected for security.

Publishing the website

   After completing the necessary preparations in website construction, the final process is to publish the website. After checks whether there is any missing on the website running locally, the site is moved to the server hosting service and published in this way.

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