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Web design are the websites that represent you on the internet. Corporate Web Design is the professional preparation of the face of corporate companies on the Internet. Istanbul Web Design has taken its place among the leading cities.

Websites; Organizations, institutions, large and medium-sized elements are almost identical. One that is a must have website. Also optimizing is very important for effective communication with site visitors. It would not be wrong to say that this web design concept plays a key role in configuring your websites correctly.

Take a Step Ahead with Pomelo Soft Web Design Agency

The importance of having websites with unique interfaces and visually satisfying designs is undeniable when we think that every company and organization has a website. At this point, the web design process, which requires a professional and intensive self-sacrificing work, is the most important asset that highlights the companies in an intense competitive environment, as well as providing great strategic advantages to the companies. Web design solutions such as connecting website and social media channels and establishing an integrated communication network, providing solutions to strengthen company channels and increase traffic to the site can be among the biggest advantages offered by effective web design.Web çözümleri konusunda istanbul web tasarım ajansı olarak her türlü ihtiyaçlarınızı karşılamaya hazırız. 

What is Web Design?

Web design of the website prepared on behalf of a person or institution
It is created to cover all the elements needed. formation
Following its completion, websites are accessible to anyone who wants digital media.
will take place on a platform. For this reason, in-site designs to be made
care must be taken to ensure that it is complete. The purpose of the web designer,
the site it will design will be easily by the most visitors possible.
must be visited. To ensure this, some
elements should be taken into account.

How is Website Design Made?

Web design in some cases for personal demands
Although it can be done, mostly businesses do not
is made for the purpose of development. The requirements of the digital world
professional web designs to be made available according to
web that makes planning with as fine details
must be done by the design agency. While making web design planning, the purpose of the site, target audience analysis, site
needs, user friendliness and website
It is important to highlight the product or service to be displayed. Website designs need visuality,
if it is to be designed in an SEO compatible structure,
it must be planned and included on the site.

What are Website Components?

Each of the web design designs
the component is of particular importance. Professional web designs come together
components that allow the formation to be completed by bringing

·Site colors


·Site flow

·Grafik arrangement


·Server can be listed as.


In web designs, each color has a different meaning and importance. site
while deciding on the colors that will ensure the integrity of the user,
The effect to be created should be calculated. Usually firm-specific in commercial enterprises
and care should be taken to use branded colors. Trend of the year
to color according to the colors and product types to be displayed on the site, users
it is important to attract your attention.


the content of the site to be read and understood by the visitor
It is important that it is easy to facilitate. For this reason, it will be used in texts.
written fonts, short paragraph structures and titles and items
content is very important. Contents designed in harmony with the design
When it is done, the visuality of the site will be obtained at the desired level.

Site flow

site content should be noticed and understood by users at first sight
should be. While editing the site contents, the features of the products and services stand out.
must be removed, site flow is logical and easy to grasp
must be presented to the user. Site flow in links, titles, graphics
must be presented to the visitor. Otherwise, the visitor will spend too much time on the site.
cannot be expected. Analyzes on visitor behavior,
from sites that are difficult to use and not easy to use.
he got away in a few seconds and never turned

Graphic Arrangements

while creating content in site designs, as much as possible from the graphics
should take advantage. Sometimes it is difficult to explain even with long articles,
to the visitor in a much shorter time with a schematic view or video
It can be described. Thus, in the first few seconds of the visitor entering the site
it may be possible to attract. The fonts and graphics used are
The most important elements that provide visuality where to use
between. Remarkable headers and colors suitable for the design structure
usage also prolongs the visitor’s stay on the site.


Plugins that should be present both in the back and front end in their designs,
depending on the design purpose of the site, performance, visuality, tables, SEO
It contributes significantly to the compliance and speed of the site. For this reason, the design
best determination of the software that the website will need before
must. Both HTML and HTML that will be used in the design phase of the site
Plugins such as WordPress and Joomla serve different purposes that will be needed.
will meet all expectations at the highest level.


Although there is no direct effect of the server in site designs,
is very important for the performance of the site. The services on the site
server, which has an important place in the fastest transmission,
creates great advantages in website design.

Advantages of Having a Website

Web design of internet use
nowadays, it is very common.
It is a window that allows opening. Businesses are the same as world giant brands
web that allows it to take place in the market and with the same competitive conditions
their designs provide significant advantages to their users. Web design Production in Istanbul
and a business that is selling instantly in markets all over the world
it is a big enough power to take it. To users of web design
the advantages it provides,


Strengthening customer relations

Expansion of promotion and sales areas

Increasing firm reliability

Increased reputation of the business

Increasing brand value

Products and services in the widest and most detailed way
to be introduced

Increased sales values

Advantages such as elimination of geographical difference
It opens the way for businesses.

What Should Be Considered When Working With Web Design and Web Software Agency?

You have decided to make designs that exceed your individual abilities in web design and do you need an agency? Then you should analyze whether the agency you will work with will meet your expectations. When looking for a professional web design agency, you should ask your interlocutor the following questions.

1- What are the works and references of the web software agency that you intend to work with?

2- What is the agency’s position in the web world?

3-Will the agency undertake website updates for a certain fee,
Will you be updating individually?

Does the agency have a team that will do all the web design in the same place? Or will the design and coding processes be done by different companies?

Does it provide services in social media management, SEO optimization, mobile applications and Adwors?

Will there be a site with mobile applications that have a large share in the traffic of websites today? Will your website work without problems on tablets and smartphones as well as on desktop computers?

If the answers given to these questions are at a level that will satisfy you, you have found your web agency where you will conduct your studies. If you have different questions about web agency and want to get information from professionals, you need from ts software agency
you can get all the information.

What are Web Design Prices Determined?

Web design can be done in several different ways and price differences can occur depending on the quality of the designs. Ready scripts and websites built from scratch according to user demands vary both in terms of content and visuality. While ready-made scripts are prepared in less time and ready to use, websites that are professionally made and meet expectations with all its elements require meticulous work and hard labor. Among the factors that determine web design prices,


Scope of the content on the site

Interface designs

Technical infrastructure design and programming

SEO optimization takes place.

The content to be used on the site is effective in determining the prices. site
whether there is a map record, multimedia and special functions
the details of the service and product presentations.
It is important. One of the most important factors affecting web design is the design of the site in an SEO compatible structure. SEO optimization is an important study that allows the website to be seen in the top ranks in search engines. For a professional and purposeful website design, visit pomelosoft.com, all you need
will be enough to get the information.

As Pomelo Soft, we operate as a web design company to meet this need of companies. We conduct detailed competitor analyzes in parallel with the needs of the sectors in which our customers are active and do what our competitors can promise. We use prominent web design trends and concepts such as HTML, CSS, Responsive, taking into consideration the needs of our customers and we design your sites in integration with systems that are always considered innovative.

Thanks to our experience in technical issues such as search engine optimization, which is one of the biggest necessities for corporate websites, and the interface design integrated with user experience, we take care to meet the needs of our customers from every sector.