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TS Software; by following the current technologies, the opportunities offered by these technologies offer solutions to companies of all sizes and sizes in line with their needs.

Pomelo Soft; is a software company that offers solutions with up-to-date technologies in line with the needs of companies by following the rapidly developing technology. Our company, headquartered in Istanbul, produces software solutions for companies all over the world. Our company, which mainly adopts customer satisfaction, is also sensitive in environmetal and social issues.

We are working to provide you with professional solutions with our experienced team operating in the sector for more than 5 years. We closely follow and analyze the technology and include it in our solutions if necessary. As a team, we analyze your needs and apply the most suitable solution for you.

Our Vision

TS Software; To examine the solution you need with our experience and wide perspective and to develop solutions.

Science and technology are developing rapidly today. In line with these developments, it is rapidly advancing and working towards becoming a technology society in our country.

Pomelo Soft, we offer you corporate software, web software and custom software solutions for you to use these systems more effectively and use them efficiently in this rapidly developing process.

Customer Happiness
Adopting customer satisfaction as its most important principle, TS Software does not compromise its quality by establishing a relationship of trust and satisfaction with our customers with whom we work, in the development, maintenance and support processes.
R&D Studies
TS Yazılım, we keep up with the rapidly developing technology, and we also improve the solutions we offer to our customers in accordance with innovations and make our service better quality.

Our Team

Enes ULUTAŞ - Backend Developer
İsmail AYDOĞDU - Backend Developer
Mustafa KIVANÇ KARA - Backend Developer
Turgut UMEÇ - Backend Developer
Umut KURT - Backend Developer
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