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Web Software Development

Web software is an information system that exists through servers running over the internet. There is web software in the background of all the pages and applications you access over the internet. Although you only see some text, sounds and photos when you look at the screen, there are many codes behind this system. Just like speaking language, there are many different languages ​​in web software. As a result of using these languages ​​sometimes alone or sometimes together; web software appears. In order for a website to exist, the web software must be prepared first. Whether you want to set up an individual website or a corporate company site, you should definitely work with a web software company that specializes in its field, so that a successful business is created.

What is Web Software

Web software can be considered the brain of a website. All the changes made in the foreground and the resulting images are actually the result of the software running in the background. Web software is used in all websites such as social media, e-commerce sites and blogs. As Pomelo Soft, we have signed our software on the websites of many leading companies in our country, especially in Istanbul web software works.

How To Web software?

Before the web software, the project to be prepared must have a draft. This draft is called web design and is actually the visual draft of the project. At the software stage; this visual plan is made operational through programming languages.

You must have a good command of different programming languages ​​for web software. Some languages ​​help the visuality of the site, while others make the site dynamic.

Ten years ago, knowing HTML was enough for a site to emerge. However, nowadays HTML remains simple with more than one site. It is extremely important to attract the user with its visuality and to meet with a fast and useful site. To host all these features on a site; It is extremely important to work with a web software company that specializes in the field.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing A Software Company?

When choosing a web software company for the preparation of your project, you should review the past work of the company and the comments of its customers.

A professional firm must first listen and understand what its customers want. Considering that the people in front of them are not experts in the software field, they should be able to direct their customers about how the project should be.

After clarifying how the project works, he should start his work and be able to deliver the work on the date he has given. You may encounter the project not being delivered on the specified date during your work with many Istanbul web software companies. This is an indication of the company’s respect for the customer and as TS Software, we are very sensitive about our customers’ satisfaction.

It is also extremely important to teach the use of the prepared project to the customer and to provide technical support after the completion of the work.

Work With Us

As TS Software, which is one of the first software companies that come to mind when we say Istanbul web software, we stand out with our competencies in corporate web design. With the business discipline we adopt, we are not only bringing creative solutions to the needs of our customers, but also stand out as the leading web design agency that provides infrastructures that will make them stand out among major search engines like Google.

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